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Quarterly Service

Customers selecting Quarterly Service for general insect control will receive the following services with each quarterly visit:


One Indoor insecticide application

One outdoor perimeter insecticide application

Mice control by means of tamper-resistant bait stations

(Initial cost of stations is not included in the quarterly fee)



Our Quarterly Service Commitment is as follows: "General insect activity (indoor) which exceeds the customer's personal tolerance level during the period between scheduled treatments will be addressed by our friendly staff with additional non-fee applications as necessary to increase control."  Quarterly treatment frequency is one treatment per every three months totalling four treatments each year. 

No Contracts Required

Insecticide applications are performed with trained and skilled precision using the very latest in chemical formulations designed to effectively control insects in general as listed in the label.  Wood destroying insects, fleas, bedbugs and flying insects are excluded from our Quarterly Service Commitment.


Our commitment does not include control of outdoor activity.  Outdoor perimeter applications are extremely beneficial in controlling some degree of outdoor perimeter activity but our primary purpose for outdoor perimeter applications is to aid in providing greater control indoors.


We do not provide termite control.

Service Pricing

We utilize the same schedule of fees for each customer so that everyone receives equal and fair treatment.


Pricing begins with a minimum service fee that applys to every dwelling or structure regardless of size. When a structure exceeds 2500 sq ft this fee will increase incrimentally for each additional 1000 sq ft. An additional fee will be applied to remote locations as compensation for travel expenses.

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