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Great Plains Pest Control

A Servant Inc company
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 7   Point Quality Assurance Statement

1. To serve our customers, as nearly as we can, to complete satisfaction.

2. To render a fair fee for our services, and not charge the highest price that

    the market will bear.

3. To do everything possible to pack the customer's dollar full of value, quality, and


4. To continually train ourselves so our services are more and more intelligently


5. To constantly improve human factor in our business.

6. To reward the people in our company through incentive based compensation.

7. To evaluate every policy and procedure so that we always treat others the

    same way we want to be treated.

Professionals in excellence in customer service



At Great Plains Pest Control we are confident in our level of performance. We do not hesitate to initiate a service plan with you that includes a formal commitment to your complete satisfaction without requiring a contract from you. We have absolutely no concerns that we can provide you with complete customer satisfaction. This is how we feel business should be conducted, and we are happy to do it this way for you personally. So relax and enjoy the benefits of a non-threating experience of true service. Isn't this just the way you have always wanted it to be? With our company it is not too good to be true.




To contact us for service please go to our Contact Us  page.