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Great Plains Pest Control

A Servant Inc company
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About Us

Company History
Owners are Jay and Deborah Henson.  Jay and Deborah live in Lefors, Texas with their 2 youngest children Hayden 12 and Bethany 10.  Their oldest daughter, Savanah, is married to Eric Kingcade and lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Savanah is a graduate from the School of Law at the University of Tulsa and is employeed by a Law firm in Tulsa. Eric is employed as a corporate accountant for Airgas in Tulsa.  Haley, their next oldest daughter, received a masters degree in psychological in Canyon, Texas at West Texas A&M University where she now teaches freshman level Psychology. Deborah is a full-time RN in the OB department at Pampa Regional Medical Center in Pampa, Texas which is only 11 miles commute from Lefors.  Jay is full-time with Great Plains Pest Control.
Jay and Deborah Henson purchased Great Plains Pest Control on May 1, 2000, which had been operating previously under the name Diamond G Pest Control for over a decade. 
Operating with Jay as the only applicator, they quickly realized that the services being offered at that time were too much of a challenge to schedule and perform.  They immediately removed the weed category from their services.  Each year thereafter they removed an additional category beginning with termite and then trees and then lawn pests.  The lawn pest service was reintroduced in 2009 and then removed again in 2015 as the general quarterly service demand consumed the staffing resources.
After the beginning of their third year they had streamlined the company with structural pest control as the only service being offered to customers.  To further streamline the service for greater efficiency in scheduling and in their ability to take on additional customers, they converted practically every frequency from monthly/bimonthly to quarterly. 
At the beginning of 2001 they hired their first part-time employee and then another at the beginning of 2004.  Employees have come and gone throughout the years.  Currently, including Jay, they employee 3 certified applicators, 5 technicians.  Additional staff includes 1 in office and 1 in marketing/IT. Some employees are full-time while others are part-time.

Percentage of Change in Total Sales over 16 years of Ownership


     Year 1      (2000)      -5.14%

     Year 2      (2001)      -3.9%

     Year 3      (2002)       4.17%

     Year 4      (2003)      10.29%

     Year 5      (2004)      28.36%

     Year 6      (2005)      23.44%

     Year 7      (2006)       7.30%

     Year 8      (2007)      17.99%

     Year 9      (2008)      24.94%

     Year 10    (2009)        6.07%

     Year 11    (2010)        0.35%

     Year 12    (2011)       -0.21%

     Year 13    (2012)       15.33%

     Year 14    (2013)         0.50%

     Year 15    (2014)         3.18%

     Year 16    (2015)         2.36%